Bespoke Engineered Equipment Deployed for Petronas FLNG2 Deepwater Mooring Installation

One Offshore has just successfully supported its EPC customer in the pre-lay of a deepwater mooring system for Petronas FLNG2 in the Rotan field, offshore Sabah, East Malaysia. PFLNG2 is turret-moored in water depths of some 1300 metres with twelve mooring legs designed by Sofec.

One Offshore’s role was greater than the usual provision and operation of the installation spread. Engineering the equipment solution jointly with engineers from the customer’s global organization to meet installation demands and mooring hardware requirements specific to the project was a very integral part of the scope of work. In addition, these have to be delivered on a fast-track basis.

Safe installation requires that various elements in the installation spread across the deck are synchronised and also co-ordinated with equipment systems provided by other parties. To deliver the engineered equipment solutions in time, existing equipment in its fleet of rental equipment were modified and upgraded.

Field engineers and technicians operated and ensured availability for round-the-clock operations during the offshore campaign.

“Having previously participated in the hook up of the Petronas FLNG1 (which was then a world first) at Kumang Field, we are happy to be involved again with Petronas FLNG2”, says One Offshore chief executive Steven Seow.

“We are pleased to be chosen by an EPC company of such world-leading repute as a partner for such an important high-profile project to them. We are also grateful for the opportunity to have our engineers work alongside very knowledgeable and experienced members of our customer’s organization worldwide to deliver a working solution on a fast-tack basis.”

One Offshore is an equipment solutions company that designs and builds customized and standard equipment for offshore and subsea installation, mooring, launch and recovery, load handling during the development of offshore oil & gas fields, near-shore plants and offshore wind farms. To date, the Company has deployed equipment for both sale and hire across various regions in Asia-Pacific, Oceania, South Asia, Middle East, Europe and West Africa.