For mooring chain installation, a gypsy winch system is now available for hire from Asia. Designed and built by One Offshore in Singapore, the system mobilizes from Singapore. System components can be shipped to any location in the world in standard open-top shipping containers.

Lifters for chain sizes up to 132mm can be fitted into the gypsy winch drive shaft. Interchangeable chain gypsy wheels are used for handling various mooring chain sizes. The winch drives are rated for a top tension of 140-tonne, but can be easily and quickly upgraded to 180-tonne.

The system components include a hydraulic power unit, a control stand with proportional controls, a guide wheel that ensures the chain wraps around the chain lifter, and a hang-off plate integrated into the winch platform.

This is part of the range of capabilities for mooring chain handling that includes chain jacking and chain tensioning.

Says One Offshore’s Commercial Director, Cindy Faun “With addition of gypsy winch to enlarge our rental fleet, we can serve our customers from this part of the world for chain installation and tensioning. A larger winch for larger chain sizes or top tension can be built on demand.”